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Things To Consider

Physical Demands

STUNT has two types of officials, “Scoring Officials” and “Referees.” Scoring officials are seated during games as they score. A referee stays on the playing surface, directs the game, and will move from the back of the mat to center mat after each round to announce the result from the scoring officials, approximately 25’, 15 – 20 times per game.  The referee will also go to meet with either team’s coach when necessary, approximately 50’, three to five times per game.  Most game days consist of two to five games in a row, each lasting approximately 45 minutes with 5-15 minutes between games.

Mental Demands

STUNT officials work with different partners throughout the season. From one game to the next, STUNT officials may shift their responsibilities, so knowledge of the entire game and each position is critical. Scoring officials are often seated in a blocked off section of the stands, but in proximity to the crowd and must be able to focus and ignore distractions. Communication with your partners and coaches is critical to being able to officiate this game successfully.


STUNT officials are required to attend training and development every year. You will have to learn the rules for the game you are officiating, including scoring and game format. You will need to watch and be very familiar with the routines being performed and use the provided 8-count sheet to determine which team scores.  Club, High School, and College games utilize different sets of routines, so most officials tend to officiate one level during a season.  You must also pass an online scoring exam prior to being certified.


At minimum an official must have:

    • A short sleeved white polo shirt or striped official shirt as a referee
    • Black professional or athletic pants, leggings are not allowed
    • A whistle
    • Footwear that is not potentially damaging to the field of play surface (i.e. stiletto heels, etc.)
    • Ideally, an iPhone with airpods for communicating between scoring officials and the referee

Estimated Cost: $100-$200. If you are required to join a local organization, there may be additional costs.

Game Fees

Game fees vary widely depending on where you are in the country and what level you are officiating. Club game fees range from $30 – $50,  $35 – $55 for high school games, and $50-$100 for college games. To maximize your income, you can work summer and fall club tournaments with multiple games in a day, in addition to the spring school season.


As the sport of STUNT grows and evolves, so do the rules and procedures at all the levels of the game. The purpose of the USA Cheer STUNT Officials Certification Program is to develop knowledgeable and prepared STUNT officials at every level of the game.

In order to achieve this, an official must:

  • Become a USA Cheer STUNT Official Member
  • Complete standardized training yearly in order to stay current in the game
  • Always consider the level of play when officiating
  • Promote the safety of the participants
  • Promote fair play and sportsmanship
  • Work to improve their skill level as an official through training and live game practice

USA Cheer STUNT Officials Certification has been developed – and continues to improve – with these goals in mind. Visit:

Here’s the path for starting and continuing your officiating career

College, High School and Club

Many umpires start at the youth level. Contact your local recreation department leaders or the local Little League. Your local association should also help you make contacts to get games.

Here are the national offices for amateur youth leagues:

USA Cheer
13101 Preston Road Ste 110-3068
Dallas, TX 75240

USA Cheer is the national governing body for the sport of STUNT. Through them you can get all the information you need to register and become a STUNT official.

Begin your STUNT officiating journey at

National Association of Sports Officials

You may also consider joining NASO, the only nation-wide officials support organization. As a member-driven community; NASO exists to unite, celebrate, develop and protect all officials so that they can reach their goals and take pride in their contributions to the benefits that sports provide society.

Learn more about NASO at

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