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An 7-Step Social Media Plan

Social media is a tricky world for officials. There are dos and don’ts and policies that officials need to follow. But it shouldn’t preclude your association from developing a full social media presence. Recruiting new officials – especially younger officials – starts with a grass-roots effort and social media can be a big part of that today.

Here are eight easy steps for your association to implement a social media recruitment plan today.

Choose the medium. Figure out the medium and social media presence your association wants to have online. Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Flickr, GitHub, Kickstarter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google Plus and many others are options for consideration. If you are new to the game, let’s start out and focus specifically on Facebook and Twitter. If your association doesn’t have an account, open one. Go to Twitter.com or Facebook.com to get started.

Develop and implement a social media policy for your members. NASO’s Board of Directors adopted the following social media guidelines for use by officiating organizations. Your organization may adopt it wholesale or modify it to fit your needs.

View NASO Social Media Guides

Create a social media “chair” or “champion” within organization

Get someone into the position who’s familiar with social media and comfortable with the application for your organization. Formalize the position and if necessary, and consider offering a stipend if your organization normally operates through volunteers.

Create quality content

You are trying to reach new officials and capture attention. It’s important to design your postings to take advantage of each individual platform. Twitter, for example, only allows for 140 characters and uses hashtags. Instagram and Pinterest focus on images. Facebook features text, images and videos.

Use and develop hashtags with your postings

NASO recommends: #SayYestoOfficiating

Post away

Don’t know what to post? Go to the Presentations and Video tab on the Say Yes to Officiating website. Find the presentation Why to Say Yes to Officiating. Download the presentation and use one of the 12 reasons to officiate every week. Right there you’ll have three months worth of postings for your organization to help in your recruitment. If you’ve got photos of local officials in your association, replace the photos with those. If not, use the photos provided. Copy the verbiage provide to help support your post.

Example Of A 12-Week Posting Plan

  • Week #1: Love of Sports
  • Week #2: Get in the Game
  • Week #3: Stay Active
  • Week #4: Give Back
  • Week #5: Extra Money
  • Week #6: Challenge
  • Week #7: Escape
  • Week #8: Camaraderie & Community
  • Week #9: Life Skills
  • Week #10: Fortitude
  • Week #11: Opportunity
  • Week #12: Excitement

Additional Content

In addition to what’s provided, post positive stories and retweets regarding officiating, along with contact information for the association. Make sure it’s obvious how potential new members can find the website and contact someone within the organization.

Monitor results

Make sure your chair and others within the leadership structure of your organization are monitoring potential comments, inquiries and general comments on your social media accounts. Promote officiating in a positive light with pride and professionalism.

SayYestoOfficiating.com is hosted and maintained by the National Association of Sports Officials.