Hosting Officials Brochure

New Team, New Uniform

Most people have been a part of a team during their lives and proudly worn “the team” uniform. The KSHSM is looking for former team members to be part of a “new team” and join the officiating ranks. Trade in your old uniform for a new official uniform and give back to the game you enjoyed when you played. One of the best ways to maintain interest in participation is by becoming a registered official.

Every school activity needs competent and qualified officials. The KSHSM actively recruits new female and male officials, and this includes you! The need is great! The time is now for you to join a network of educators from which students learn about treating people with dignity and respect, and about being part of activities that enhance and encourage healthy life-styles.

As a KSHSM official, you can make the values of fair play and honorable competition part of the action for students playing the game. You have the opportunity to teach good sportsmanship, fairness and equality – how to play by the rules.

We welcome your questions and encourage you to contact the KSHSM, an athletic director, coach or official who can provide guidance and direction to keep you in the game.

Make the Right Call

Registration is very easy and can be done online or by sending a registration form to the KSHSM. The registration fee is $55 for the first sport and $25 for each additional sport. The fee includes: NFOA insurance, rules books, case books, officials manuals and many publications from the KSHSM. It also provides access to a lot of information on the KSHSM website. Registration is good for one school year.

Become an Official

To learn more about how to take time to become an official, call the KSHSM at 785-273-5329 or visit and go to the officials tab to complete the application form online. Once registered, officials are required to attend a KSHSMsponsored rules meeting either online or face to face prior to each sport season and complete the rules test prior to the deadline.

What are the Benefits?

Officiating gives you an opportunity to meet and work with students and others who share your interest in sports. You will be able to stay involved in your favorite sports, maintain physical fitness and develop long lasting friendships. Officiating also gives you a chance to earn some extra money and to build personal networks. There is no age requirement, just a desire to help in the educational development of young people.

How to Get Games

Contact athletic directors and league commissioners for games. As a KSHSM official, your name will be listed in the Officials Directory and on the KSHSM website – Be patient. Officials work many years to advance to the varsity level. Establish your ability and credibility by working sub-varsity and junior high contests. Officiating fees are based on the level of competition, the number of games officiated and the travel distance.

Tips for Success

  • Read and study your rules book, case book and ·
    officials manual.
  • Maintain peak physical and mental condition for the demands of your sport. A physical examination should be a priority.
  • Attend area supervisor meetings and any clinics available in your sport.
  • Attend contests officiated by others and observe mechanics and application of rules.
  • Honor all contracts. Write down each date to avoid accepting two contracts for the same date. Return contracts promptly.
  • Purchase the appropriate uniform and contest equipment and keep in good condition.
  • Return telephone calls and written correspondence promptly. Keep copies of all correspondence for your files.
  • Report all incidents to the KSHSMoffice promptly and provide all written reports as requested.
  • Remember, the contest you are working is the most important contest in the eyes of the athletes, coaches and fans. It must also be your priority.