Thank a Ref Campaign

Welcome to a new school year! We know this is an extremely busy time, but we hope you will find some way to participate in our “Thank a Ref’ program. Involvement in this program is optional, but you can truly help make a difference in our efforts to retain officials through your participation. We are focusing on fall sports, but will encourage you to also recognize officials at winter and spring events during those seasons. We have provided five copies of our new recruitment poster in this tube. Hopefully, you can find a good place to hang these posters in your school.

An email will be sent with attachments that will include the materials listed below that will assist you with these efforts. We ask that between September 24 and October 6 you will identify a home event for each of your sports that hires officials, and designate that event as “Thank a Ref night.” If you cannot make this happen during this time frame, please designate another date for this outreach program.

For this special recognition we ask that you do one or more of the following:

  • Customize the news release provided and send to local media
  • Use the PA announcement provided to recognize and thank the officials
  • Fill out and print the “Thank a Ref Certificate”
  • If possible, include the advertisement provided in your game program
  • Find ways for your coaches, participants and fans, to give special recognition and appreciation to the officials working that event, choosing from the suggestions provided
  • Include photos or captions of the event on social media platforms using #ThankaRef and tag @MSHSL_Officials and @MSHSLjohn

Our attempt is to keep this effort simple. You know that even simple acts of appreciation make an impression. As we continue to recruit and retain officials, these actions can and will make a difference. This is an opportunity for you to assist in growing our official’s program, which will provide direct benefits to your programs both now and in the future. We need your assistance to make progress in this area.

Please share this information with your coaches as well. The way they interact with officials makes a huge impact.

Many thanks for your consideration and participation in this program!